Demolition, Remediation, UST Removal, System Install/Removal


Big. Small. If we’re talking demolition, the Hawkke team delivers. Whether we’re demolishing a soil vapor extraction system or tearing down a decommissioned airport, we kick off each project with detailed collaboration between our teams and our client. Because nailing down the smallest details creates the best opportunity for success.


Hawkke has closed numerous Abandoned Mine Lands (AML) throughout the southwest. We’re widely recognized for our reputation, our safety and efficiency, and our innovative approach to abandoned mine closures.


Hawkke has the technical expertise, project experience, and necessary resources to support a wide array of environmental projects. We’ve safely delivered many high risk projects, from contaminated soil excavation in urban and remote settings to sediment dredging, removal and dewatering. We’ve even capped landfills, repositories, and coal ash impoundments. Operational excellence means delivering what we promise at every step.

UST Removal

Hawkke’s highly specialized UST decommissioning teams have permanently closed thousands of underground and aboveground storage tanks (USTs and ASTs). That includes tanks with ancillary fuel system components like product lines, dispensers, and gauging equipment.

How Can We Help You Achieve Your Environmental Construction Goals?