Big. Small. If we’re talking demolition, the Hawkke team delivers. Whether we’re demolishing a soil vapor extraction system or tearing down a decommissioned airport, we kick off each project with detailed collaboration between our teams and our client. Because nailing down the smallest details creates the best opportunity for success.

The Hawkke Approach

Simple. We excel in all areas of structural and selective demolition.

With a technical approach that’s effective and cost-competitive, we’re the trusted name for facility, building, and infrastructure demolition throughout the southwest.

We partner with clients and make their lives better through superior workmanship. That means we assess each project’s needs and position our team and equipment fleet for success before the project even begins.

Through collaborative planning, risk management, and strategic innovation, Hawkke gets your project done—on time, within budget, and safely. Delays and challenges don’t stand a chance.

Unmatched Performance

We’ve been at it since 1959, stacking experience through successful operations. Through decades, we’ve been the guys who deliver what they promise. Our clients trust us because we’ve built our reputation on sky-high standards of safety, quality, and unmatched performance.

Integrated Team

Long term collaboration helps us meet and recognize the changing needs of our clients. Our expertise in the industry helps us build the best integrated team for every project.

Safety First. Risk Minimized.

We’re grateful for our most precious asset—our employees. Without their 75 plus years of experience and commitment to safety, we would be just another company.

Our safety culture takes a front seat in everything we do. There’s an old saying that we wear on our sleeve: safety first, last, and always. Walking it out means fierce diligence, no accidents…and a total recordable incident rate that speaks for itself.

If that’s not enough, our performance record and safety awards show that we mean it. We train. We certify. We protect our employees, our clients, and the public with the right equipment, the latest technology, and an approach that raises the bar on best practices. Where risk and safety are constant considerations, we accept nothing less.

Need Demolition?

Contact us for your next demolition project to get Hawkke on the job.

“Hawkke has become a valuable partner to GES, due to their consistently high quality work, attention to safety, and ability to provide solutions for our more challenging projects. From brainstorming said solutions to estimating, Hawkke routinely impresses at every level to the point where clients will specifically request that Hawkke be involved in their project.”

Byron Baden, RG, CEM

Senior Project Manager, Groundwater & Environmental Services, Inc.

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