Hawkke has closed numerous Abandoned Mine Lands (AML) throughout the southwest. We’re widely recognized for our reputation, our safety and efficiency, and our innovative approach to abandoned mine closures. 

Custom Precision

Our teams are trained in every aspect of AML closure. With precise solutions that work around obstacles, we’ve completed projects across a range of geographic locations. We even work where there’s difficult or minimal access, building our own materials on-site and modifying techniques to protect the environment, inhabitants, and human health.

How We Tackle Mine Closure and Support

  • Signs that prohibit access to AML sites with public safety hazards.
  • Fences ranging from three strand wire fences to chain-link.
  • Steel wire or cable nets for treating large mine openings.
  • Earthen backfills that fill open voids; a best practice when wildlife habitat or historic significance are not primary considerations.
  • PUF – Polyurethane foam plugs that go along with earthen backfill, and let us plug large holes with a small amount of material.
  • Rock or concrete barrier walls for horizontal mine entrances.
  • Steel gates and grates with lockable hatches that allow access.
  • Wildlife-accessible steel gates and cupolas to allow free movement of important wildlife species like bats and desert tortoise.
  • Reclamation that stabilizes terrain and returns it to its approximate original contour.
  • Returning land to standards of public safety, aesthetic improvement, and useful purpose.

But Don’t Ask Us…

Try the clients who come to us for AML assessment and closure services—the US National Parks Service, the US Forest Service, the Office of Surface Mines, the Bureau of Land Management, and the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality to name a few. Our reputation and excellent work continually make us the preferred contractor for companies and agencies.

Need a Mine Closed?

It’s not everyday that you have an old mine laying around. But when you do, you know who to call. Contact us for your next project to get Hawkke on the job.

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“Western Technologies, Inc. has been proud to be on the same team as Hawkke on numerous projects related to sump cleanouts and removals, investigative investigations, contaminated soil removals and underground storage tank pulls. Hawkke makes a concerted effort to provide the support required by the Client throughout the project life in their attention to detail while continuing to meet required timeframes.”

Susan B. Kaleta

Senior Project Manager, Associate, Western Technologies Inc.