Hawkke has the technical expertise, project experience, and necessary resources to support a wide array of environmental projects. We’ve safely delivered many high risk projects, from contaminated soil excavation in urban and remote settings to sediment dredging, removal and dewatering. We’ve even capped landfills, repositories, and coal ash impoundments.  Operational excellence means one thing: delivering what we promise at every step.  

Safety and Quality

We take the time to do it right. If you’ve got safety, quality, regulatory, budget, or schedule requirements, consider them met. We meet our client’s expectations through continuous improvement, completing high quality work with the best management practices in our industry. Doing the job right and safely the first time is how we’ve left our mark throughout the Southwest.

Solutions Aligned

There’s always challenges. But with our goals and objectives aligned to yours, we think outside the box and challenge assumptions for the best solution possible. Our technical solutions save time and money, reducing schedules and converting challenges into opportunities. Hawkke is committed to reaching your goals alongside you with excellence and safety. 

Technical Expertise

Our experts share their knowledge. That might look like ensuring best practices in remediation management, restoration, sediments, and demolition throughout the lifecycle of a project. Or it might be infusing our innovative and forward-thinking ideas into each project in a way that builds efficiency, reduces costs, and meets all regulatory requirements.

Whatever it looks like, we love it…and so do our clients. For decades, we’ve built partnerships while safely remediating and restoring hazardous sites. From remote legacy sites in ecologically sensitive areas to highly-visible urban locales, our teams accommodate site and project needs with solutions that last.

Powering Tomorrow’s Solution

Investigative and remedial technologies evolve over time. But one constant is the need for leading-edge, cost-effective, lasting solutions for environmental remediation and cleanup. That’s our lane all right.

We provide full-spectrum remediation services that mitigate the impact on human health and ecosystems. We remediate soil, sediment, surface water and groundwater to meet client and stakeholders objectives. We work at sites spanning all types of geologies, and we adapt to site-specific operational, technical, regulatory, and public participation requirements.

In other words, we put the work in. We apply our experience and best practices to efficient, industry-leading remediation solutions. Knowing the stakes are high, we use our expertise and experience to provide superior methods, technologies, and designs for any given project.

Got a Remediation Project?

Contact us for your next remediation project to get Hawkke on the job.

“We have worked with Hawkke on a number of different projects over the years and have always been impressed. From simple waste handling projects to complex remediation system installations the team at Hawkke always provides great service. They are quick to respond to our requests and able to adapt to changes throughout the duration of a project. Their knowledge and drive at each level of the company quickly become evident when you work with them.”

Matthew Williams

Senior Staff Professional, Geosyntec

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